Roses to Honor Bereaved Mothers on Mother’s Day

©Jane A. Simington, PhD.

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually as a tribute to mothers, motherhood and the influences of Mothers in society. Although the origins of the holiday date back to ancient Greek and Roman times, the modern forms of this celebration take place in many countries during the month of May.

Holiday celebrations such as Mother’s Day tend to include family gatherings and the sharing of traditions and “Remember When” stories. Such events can be emotionally difficult for the bereaved. Mother’s Day can be particularly difficult for Mother whose child is no longer living.

Throughout my years as a bereaved mother, I learned that the best way to navigate the waters of grief that become more turbulent during holiday times, especially during the celebration of Mother Day, is to allow myself to acknowledge both the Down and Under and the Up and Out aspects of my grief. 1 The following celebration strategy which implements both these aspects of grief and grief counseling has worked effectively for me and for many of the bereaved mothers I have supported as they moved through the emotionally charged days prior to, and during, the celebrations of their Motherhood. If you are a bereaved mother, I believe you will find this activity to be empowering, emotionally releasing and therapeutic.

Purchase, or ask your family and friends to contribute, one rose for each year of your deceased child’s life. For the number of flowers, write on a beautiful small piece of paper, the things you miss about being a mother for the child who has died. This acknowledges the Down and Under aspects of your grief. On a second piece of the same lovely paper, write one of your most beautiful memories of being a mother for that child. This action will acknowledge the Up and Out aspects of your grief and your grief process. When both aspects of your grief have been acknowledged, attach one of the Down and Under messages and one of the Up and Out messages to each of the roses. During the process of tying, I encourage you to write your feelings about the process and/or to verbalize with a trusted friend or counselor your written expressions and the feelings attached to those expressions. This will help you to release the emotional load of the Down and Under messages and allow you to relive and re-enjoy the Up and Out messages. After Mother’s Day, when the roses have wilted, I would suggest that you have a small burning ceremony with the wilted roses and the Down and Under messages. Place in a special container your Up and Out messages. Also after Mother’s Day, for each of the remaining days in the month of May, I encourage you to each day, read one of the Up and Out messages and to create an affirmation around that message that will acknowledge your goodness as a Mother.



1). Carkhuff, R.R. (1987). The Art of helping 96th Ed.). Amherst, MA: Human Resources Development.


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