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“Dr. Simington is an excellent and knowledgeable presenter.  She is dynamic and clearly passionate about her subject.  She has a valuable background of work which she freely shares.” Ineka McDougall – Custody and Caring-International Conference on the Nurses’ Role in the Criminal Justice System

“Dr. Jane Simington will open your mind to abundant healing possibilities! Dr. Jane engaged listeners with hope and practical steps to experience transformation from trauma. Coming from a place of compassion she communicated with personal power the many modalities available to effectively transform mind, body and spirit. A dynamic speaker and teacher for your event!” Deb Scott, -A, CPC-Award Winning Author (Self-Help & Motivation), Top Rated Radio Host (The Best People We Know Show), Speaker, Blogger

“What is marvelous about Dr. Jane Simington is the way she combines thorough scientific, multidisciplinary knowledge, with deep spiritual insight, intuitive acumen, and a compassionate heart. As a teacher she is relentless in her commitment to the students, she holds nothing back, she communicates values and skills and not just information, and her many talents and charisma make the teaching room a sacred space of change for everyone!”  Agnes Mariakaki

“The rare and amazing qualities of Dr Jane Simington as a teacher, is that she walks her talk, so much, that she inspires both the mind and the soul. In fact, her complete professionalism so captivates and at same time appeases the mind, that you let yourself go, to fully enjoy her magic. Her methods are efficient, fast in their results, and especially respectful and tender to the person she works with. Her seminars have changed my life, not only by receiving healing myself, but also by shifting my own mindset and techniques as a healer. One only has to see the radiant smiles in the faces of the people, in the groups she teaches, to realize the power in her work!” Chrysoula Konstantianou – Teleplanet Conference, Athens Greece

 “Jane speaks from the perspective of having been personally touched by her topic.  This insight allows her to connect with others at a soul level.  Dr. Simington is an excellent speaker.  Her information is relevant and presented passionately”- Spirituality in Health Care: International Conference

 “Jane is one of the most engaging and compassionate speakers I have been privileged to know…..I am touched by her radiant sense of joy and delightful sense of humor.”-Conference planner

 “She explained, discussed, repeated, wrote, showed, asked, persisted, laughed, touched,  hugged, sung, played the tambourine, danced, prayed, healed … it’s all in her teaching,  and I have left a lot of it out, which is simply quite indescribable and in the realm of the unseen! Yes… Dr Jane Simington! She is a meticulous scientist and a brilliant communicator. An inventive teacher and elegantly intuitive as she works with people. She is ever committed to facilitating the healing, of which every human being is capable. What was very valuable for me in her seminars was not only the holistic approach and the inventive, multi discipline methodologies, but her teaching by example values like compassion, integrity, gentleness, and persistent faith in people’s ability to transform” Agnes Mariakaki -Holistic Methods For Healing, Athens Greece

  “The feedback both through the evaluations and verbally has been very positive. You certainly touched many of us.” Cathy Straight – Soulful Care-giving: Nurses Alumni Annual Conference.

“Thanks again for joining us – we had wonderful feedback on your keynote. Looking forward to working with you the future.” Laurie Mcleod – Native Mental Health Conference

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