My Summer Morning Prayer of Praise


roseMy summer morning prayer of praise is…

The awesomeness of awakening to the radiance of a glorious sunrise,
The rose planted by my husband last summer, which overnight burst forth into a profusion of golden- yellow blooms,
The glistening sunbeams on thin spider web threads hanging on my garden gate, making me dip my head to pass under, as I leave for a morning run.

My summer morning prayer of praise is…

The wondrous splendor of witnessing the nurturing of life taking place along the shore
The goose and her seven goslings quickly moving to the safely of the water, while the drake hisses to remind me of his job as protector of his family.
The young muskrat, a new arrival to the lake, perhaps determining the suitability of these surroundings for a home to sustain the new life he will parent in the coming fall and winter.

My summer morning prayer of praise is…

The wooliness of low- hanging clouds loosely draped beneath an expansive turquoise dome,
The movement of branches, the whispering of leaves and the breezes brushing my face, reminding me that Spirit rides on the wind,
The solidness of the hill beneath me, as I stand with outstretched arms to honor the dawn, to draw in the energy of new beginnings, and to be open to all the possibilities of this new day.

© Dr. Jane A. Simington, PHD.

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