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Speaker, Author, Educator and Therapist.

By recognizing and addressing SOUL PAIN I help people create success after life’s tough moments. Move forward and live with joy!


Dr. Jane Simington is a dynamic and inspirational keynote and conference speaker with 30 plus years of experience helping individuals, groups and communities achieve their highest potential; and to live individual and collective lives of joy and satisfaction as they move through, and following difficult circumstances. Educated in both Nursing and Psychology, Dr. Jane combines her depth of knowledge, clinical experience and research, along with her own personal experiences of healing, growth, and transformation following the tragic death of her 13-year-old son, to personally connect with and motivate towards positive-growth-action for each member of her audiences. Knowing the joy of feeling that she is living her best possible life, Dr. Jane is passionate about leading others in ways that help them also live meaningful and purposeful lives…lives filled with abundance, from many sources.

As owner and CEO of Taking Flight International Corporation, as a leader and international trainer with extensive experience working across cultures, and as a Reiki master-teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, and as an art as therapy specialist, Dr. Jane brings to her presentations an interactive and experiential approach; which combined with her high-energy speaking style, leaves her audiences emotionally and soulfully inspired to put her take-away messages into immediate action.

Since 2004, Dr. Jane Simington has delivered locally, nationally and internationally two accredited training programs which she herself has developed, The Trauma Recovery Certification training program and the Grief Support Certification training program. Her company has recently launched a third accredited program, the Suicide Intervention Certification training program. All three certification programs provide up-to-date theory combined with holistic healing practices geared to helping those who take these trainings meet the physical, mental, emotional and soul needs of those who require help and healing services.

The author of two internationally acclaimed books, published in several languages, Journey to the Sacred: Mending a Fractured Soul, and Through Soul’s Eyes: Reinventing a Life of Joy and Promise; two award winning videos, Listening to Soul Pain and Healing Soul Pain; and six guided visualization CDs, Dr. Jane Simington offers resources to help and heal individuals around the globe.

Acclaimed the “Woman of Hope,” Dr. Jane Simington has received numerous awards for her helping and healing work including the 2011 YWCA Woman of Distinction for Health and Medicine; the 2011 Woman of Vision, Global Television in Edmonton, Alberta; and the 2012 Lifetime Achievement for Nursing Excellence Award from the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta.

Dr. Simington frequently shares her vision which began to take root some years after the tragic death of her son.

“My Vision is to let the world know that growth and transformation are possible and attainable, and that they can be each person’s reality. My Vision is to offer these possibilities to all who choose them, regardless of where they live, what culture they are from, or what religion they profess. During my early years of grief, I desperately sought healing from many teachers and from many sources. Today I feel honored to lead others along pathways that provide the resources they need to mend broken hearts and fractured souls, so they too can rekindle their inner flames and live to their greatest personal and professional potential.”




Curriculum Vitae summary



2017 150 Canadian Nurses Award, Canadian Nurses Association

2012  Lifetime Achievement for Nursing Excellence Award,College and Association of  Registered Nurses of Alberta

2012  Alumni to Know, Green and White Alumni News, University of Saskatchewan.

2011  Nurse to Know, Canadian Nurse Magazine

2011  YWCA Woman of Distinction

2011  Woman of Vision, Global Television



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